We've said it before (check out last week's blog post!) and we'll say it again. The best way for you to code faster, smarter, and better is through Python projects.

Here are six reasons why:

They allow you to:

  • Recall and build on basic programming concepts.
  • Learn complex ideas where you're able explain them better to yourself as you apply them.
  • Use the information you already know in new, challenging surroundings.
  • Find insightful connections and patterns among your code and tools.
  • Evaluate easily evaluate the progress you've made so far in your coding journey and see how far you have left to go.
  • Receive ideas and the motivation to build practical, innovative things from hereafter.

What makes coding projects so special is that they can be built around just anything and be customized based on your passions and interests. You'll have flexibility in the content area, design, use, and complexity you pick. You'll find versatility in the tools, interfaces, and technology you involve.

However if you're a student just starting to code, inspiration might strike a little later than expected. Until then, refer to this compilation of 100+ beginner to advanced project ideas for you to experiment, build, and have fun with. After completing some of these projects, use your newfound knowledge and experience to create original, relevant, and functional works on your own.

  1. Python Project Ideas
  2. 4 Function Calculator
  3. Tic-Tac-Toe
  4. Hangman
  5. Number Guesser (Based on Higher or Lower Questions)
  6. Contact Book/Directory (using dictionaries!)
  7. T-Rex Jumping Dino Game
  8. Snake Game
  9. Pacman
  10. Spotify Music Shuffle Generator
  11. Mad Libs Fill-In-The-Blank Through User Keyboard Input
  12. Rock, Paper, Scissors
  13. Rolling Dice
  14. Random Number Generators
  15. Countdown Clocks/Timers
  16. Mock Instagram (Image Gallery with Back/Next Options)
  17. Random Password Generator
  18. Random Wikipedia Website Generator
  19. Currency Convertor
  20. Regex Detection From Websites (Query the weather, sports scores, email addresses etc.)
  21. Keyboard Ping Pong
  22. Maze Traversal Game
  23. Image Resizing Application
  24. ExpenseTracker
  25. Quiz/Trivia Game Application
  26. Magic 8 Ball Game
  27. Python Battleship Game
  28. Python Flappybird
  29. Memory Puzzle Game
  30. Python Command Line Applications
  31. URL Shorteners
  32. Content Aggregators
  33. File Manager Tools
  34. Email Slicer
  35. Chatbot in Python
  36. Speech To Text Recogntion
  37. Movie/TV Show Recommendation
  38. Songs/Music Recommendation Based on Mood/Genre
  39. "Taylor Swift" or Musician Lyrics Generator
  40. Predicting Stock Prices
  41. Build a Todo List
  42. Mortgage/Interest Rate Monthly Payment Calculator
  43. Credit Card Validator
  44. Distance Between Two Cities (with coordinate inputs)
  45. Text Editor Application
  46. Journal Entry Application
  47. Newsfeed/RSS Feed Generator
  48. Recipe Database and Manager
  49. Fetch Current Weather Based on Zipcode
  50. Travel Itinerary Planner
  51. PDF Convertor Service
  52. People/Character Detection Using Optical Character Recognition
  53. Twitter News Detection with Naïve Bayes Classifier
  54. DataVIz exploration of a dataset of interest using Pandas/Matplotlib/Seaborn
  55. Sports Scores/Updates Centralized Tracker
  56. Rainfall Prediction using Linear Regression
  57. Recipe Idea Recommendations with K means Clustering
  58. Baby Name Generator Based on Gender,Initials, and other specifications
  59. House Price Estimate Using Machine Learning
  60. Sentiment Analysis of Customer Reviews
  61. Brand Logo Clasification using Deep Learning
  62. Fruit Ripeness Detection using Machine Learning
  63. Picture Caption Generator using CNN
  64. Leaf Health Detection Usig Deep Learning
  65. Handwritten Digit Recongition
  66. Customer classification/segmentation using K-Means Clustering
  67. Traffic and Road Signs Recognition
  68. Income Prediction based on Census Data
  69. Loan Prediction Using Logistic Regression
  70. Restaurant and Menu Item Predictions
  71. IMDb Movie Rating API
  72. Product Price and Sales Optomizer
  73. Job/internships Finder and Databsase
  74. Email Priority Classification System
  75. Tracking Impact of Climate Change on Various Global Metrics
  76. Family Tree Builder Using Trees
  77. Coupon Generator for Online Shopping
  78. Vacation Locations Recommender
  79. Hotel Prices in One API
  80. Flight Prices Tracker Based on Location
  81. Real Estate Value Prediction based on Demand Forecasting
  82. Marketing/Custome rPrediction Using Spending and Customer Behavior Datasets
  83. Hotspots based on Location and Time Using Uber Pickups Dataset
  84. Discord Bot Coding in Python
  85. Youtube Video Downloader
  86. Database Management Systems to Store Books Read, TV/Movies Watched, Songs etc.
  87. Python Calorie Counter/Nutrition Tracker
  88. Dictionary/Thesaurus Web App
  89. Grocery Item Recommendation in Online Shopping using Collaborative Filtering
  90. Task Timer to Track Personal Productivity
  91. Text to Emoji Translator
  92. Flashcard Learning Method Application
  93. Typing Practice for Accuracy and Speed using Keyboard Input
  94. Sports Bracket Filler/Diagram Based on Inputs
  95. Book Recommendation App
  96. Pig Latin Text Generator
  97. Ctrl-F: Find Ocurrences of Words in a Block of Text
  98. Connect4 Game
  99. COVID Cases and Deaths Tracker and Predictor
  100. Build a Personal Portfolio Website!
  101. Othello Game with AI
  102. MP3 Player Creator
  103. Palindrome Checker
  104. Blackjack Game
  105. Reminders/Notification to your Desktop App

P.S. If you do end up making one of these projects, let us know what you build and send a picture! We'll feature you on our Twitter account!

However, if you're not ready to do some of these on your own or want a structured walkthrough of a beginner-friendly Python project, check out TheCodex. We have more than eight free comprehensive and enjoyable Python project tutorials on topics such as Web Development, Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, DataViz and more. Kickstart your coding journey now.