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SmartYouTubeTV: A YouTube client for set-top boxes and Android-based TVs:


  • 4K support.
  • Designed for TV screens.
  • Any remote controller support.
  • Login support.
  • Doesn't depend on Google Services.
  • Fully localized.
  • Multilingual search keyboard.
  • Automatic update mechanism.
  • No root required!

NOTE: SmartYouTubeTV provides internal login mechanism which allows you to keep content up to date in a very convenient way.


Install SmartYouTubeTV:

Easy installation in less than 5 minutes with only the FireTV

Standard installation via ADB

How to change system language with only the MiTV3

Starting screen:

The device/resolution options at start launches different playing methods (as per

  • 1080 Main - WebView
  • 1080 Alt - XWalk
  • 4K Main - Exoplayer + WebView
  • 4K Alt - Exoplayer + XWalk

Also important, it's possible to select max resolution and codec (ie 1080/AVC1) via the start screen that will be applied on video loading (Codec option).

The Remember tick box acts as a configuration saving for next app launches.


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