What is ai.codes?

We are a SaaS company, providing an intelligent code completion service for your favorite programming languages, to an editor near you.

Who are you nuts? Why are you doing this?

We are a team of AI researchers, compiler writers and software engineers. We share a healthy dose of distaste for coding, and believe that we can do something about it.

In our view, software engineering is about modeling and automating the real world. Coding, to a large extent, is the boring part of the job. Coding is not only tedious, but it's error-prone. Software bugs happen when we, human translators, fail to translate our ideas into codes correctly. We believe that AI is at a stage where it can help software engineers in writing code.

Where are you guys?

Unsurprisingly, Silicon Valley. We believe that the technology we are developing will democratize software engineering, so all the people don't need to come to the Valley to find jobs and engineers.

But how? That sounds super crazy.

The top secret master plan has three steps:

See you on the other side of the moon.

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