Top 10 Study Groups & Resources for Stanford’s Open Class on AI

We are all aware of the groundbreaking change that has struck academia, one of the Stanford’s first full courses is now available to the public for free. If you are not enrolled, click here. In a class of 140K+ students, one needs to find a good study group and resources, where they can post their questions and discuss AI concepts. Here is a list of top study groups which I could find in todays date.

1. Facebook Groups

Yes, this will be our top most source, since Facebook is the first thing that many of us open when connected to the internet. I could find the following groups for the open class on Facebook :

AI-class – “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” online course
Strong Artificial Intelligence
ANU – ML and AI Stanford Course
Stanford Open Class (Thai)
IA-Stanford (Español)

2. Google Group & others

They are very much alive and serve as a nifty forum for academic discussions.

Google Group e-mail address:

Other AI forums for discussions are and

3. Twitter Feeds

Official AI-Class:@aiclass
Unofficial AI-Class: @StanfordAIClass
Stanford professor @SebastianThrun
I don’t think he will actually reply to your tweets. Just saying!

Twitter feed with #aiclass can help you to find plenty more users who have enrolled for the open class.

4. Reddit

This is actually a pretty good service, which I always underestimated. You can find plenty of AI folks discussing stuff here.

5. Meetup

Use keywords like Stanford, AI, Open Class or Artificial Intelligence in the search.
For the folks in Bay Area check out >>

6. YouTube

Here is a collection of useful videos explaining the concepts used in the AI Open Class by Prof. Peter Norvig and Prof. Sebastian Thrun. You can discuss your doubts in the comments and view lectures before they are visible on your AI-Class profile. There are plenty more sources like Khan Academy etc.

7. AI eBooks

I’m not sure which legal approach you want to pursue, but just grab a good AI book which can help you in solving problems. I found this link >> Click here

8. Google Docs by AI Community

The AI community/class has collaborated & put together the following notes at the moment. Just go through the handout for a recapitulation of the lecture.

9. Google Hangouts

You can add yourself to this Stanford AI Circle, decide your open class G+ Hangout friends. Click here

Furthermore, you can add Prof. Peter Norvig to your group study circles. Yes, he’s on Google plus. BTW, add me as well.

10. Learning Python in less time

Google Code and The New Boston have some incredible tuts on Python. Just a matter of minutes…

If I have missed any of the good resources, feel free to leave a comment below. All the best to all the folks who have enrolled for the open class!

Hat tip to Linh Pham for sharing the latest updates on this topic via Google+

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