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The following is a list of algorithms along with one-line descriptions for each.



[edit] Combinatorial algorithms

[edit] General combinatorial algorithms

[edit] Graph algorithms

[edit] Graph drawing

[edit] Network theory

[edit] Routing

[edit] Search

[edit] Subgraphs

[edit] Sequence algorithms

[edit] Approximate matching

[edit] Item search

[edit] Merging

[edit] Permutations

[edit] Sequence alignment

[edit] Sorting

[edit] Subsequences

[edit] Substrings

[edit] Computational mathematics

[edit] Abstract algebra

[edit] Computer algebra

[edit] Geometry

[edit] Number theoretic algorithms

[edit] Numerical algorithms

[edit] Elementary and special functions

[edit] Geometric

[edit] Interpolation and extrapolation

[edit] Linear algebra

[edit] Monte Carlo

[edit] Numerical integration

[edit] Root finding

[edit] Optimization algorithms

[edit] Computational science

[edit] Astronomy

[edit] Bioinformatics

[edit] Geoscience

[edit] Linguistics

[edit] Medicine

[edit] Physics

[edit] Statistics

[edit] Computer science

[edit] Computer architecture

[edit] Computer graphics

[edit] Cryptography

[edit] Digital logic

[edit] Machine learning and statistical classification

[edit] Programming language theory

[edit] Parsing

[edit] Quantum algorithms

[edit] Theory of computation and automata

[edit] Information theory and signal processing

[edit] Coding theory

[edit] Error detection and correction

[edit] Lossless compression algorithms

[edit] Lossy compression algorithms

[edit] Digital signal processing

[edit] Image processing

[edit] Software engineering

[edit] Database algorithms

[edit] Distributed systems algorithms

[edit] Memory allocation and deallocation algorithms

[edit] Operating systems algorithms

[edit] Disk scheduling

[edit] Networking

[edit] Process synchronization

[edit] Scheduling

[edit] See also

[edit] References