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Install Apps on your device! This also includes OpenPogo!
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Welcome to the PlugApps Wiki
PlugApps aims to provide simple, easy-to-follow guides for installing applications on "plug computers", such as the SheevaPlug, Pogoplug, and TonidoPlug as well as the Seagate DockStar. OpenPogo users, click here.
Pogoplugv2.jpg Getting Started: Pogoplug/DockStar/GoFlex Net

Install PlugApps functionality on your Pogoplug (v1 or Pink), DockStar, or GoFlex Net with a Plugbox base.

Sheevaplug.jpg Getting Started: SheevaPlug

Sheevaplug runs Plugbox Linux perfectly, opening a world of native PlugApps packages. Start using it today.

Tonidoplug.jpg Getting Started: TonidoPlug

TonidoPlug allows for reflashes of the OS with a USB drive. Take the plunge into Plugbox with PlugApps.

Tux.png Plugbox Linux

Get information about our ARM-optimized distribution, Plugbox Linux (based on Arch Linux).

SheevaPlug PCB.jpg Hardware Information

Get all of those devices straight. It's what's inside that counts.

Help Icon.png Help

Need help with something? Look here!

IRC Icon.png IRC

Join us in #plugapps on Freenode.

The same rules apply as those on the wiki for discussion.

DevDocs Icon.png Developers

Developers: Plugbox Linux is powerful, but easy to develop on. Here's your portal.

Resources Icon.png Resources

A growing list of other plug computing resources. There's more to plug computing than just PlugApps!

Plug Computers

What are Plug Computers?

A Plug Computer is a new type of device created by Marvell Technology Group, Ltd. that is meant to be a small, low-cost, energy efficient server that fits into the space of a typical power adapter that plugs into an electrical wall socket.

These attributes enable the device to take up very little space, use very little electricity and remain powered on at all times, perfect for a home server.

The reference design of the Plug Computer created by Marvell (here) and manufactured by GlobalScale Technolgies (here), called the SheevaPlug Developement Kit, has been used by several companies to create products for the consumer market.

All of these products use the Linux operating system, customized to serve each individual products' own needs. is a site dedicated to extending the use of these plug computers where possible by replacing the Linux operating system. This is accomplished via Plugbox Linux, a variant of the Arch Linux distribution that is compiled to run natively on the processor within the Plugs, while still retaining the original product's functionality.

Recent News

October 27 - News again! We have a new GuruPlug Install Guide!

October 27 - Not really news, but we just want to thank everyone for using our Amazon affiliate links (which work on any product, not just ones we have listed) - we have made $57 so far this month and 100% of that will go towards PlugApps, mainly to buy hardware! Thanks again!

We also pushed out all the Python updates and kernel 2.6.36. Enjoy!

October 24 - New wiki look, and in the process of updating hundreds of packages to reflect the Arch Linux move to Python 3. Also, thank you for using the Amazon links! PlugApps even has it's own PayPal now, and, as always, any income we make goes right back in to new hardware and other costs of running the site and project.

October 15 - Started the beginnings of a list and how-to's of Working Wi-Fi Adapters for Plugbox Linux.

October 13 - The main page has been viewed 100,000 times!

We want to make a push for more guides and more documentation overall during the next few weeks. Feel free to create a wiki account and add any application to our list. We'd greatly appreciate it.


  • is not responsible for any damage to your hardware, software, or files. Please use extreme caution when following our guides.
  • does NOT provide any warranty, explicit or implied, per our GPL license.
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