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Getting started
Differences between the Plug Computer to other installations
What is different about the Plug compared to other desktops and server installations?

The Plug Computer is the cross between an embedded platform, typically found in smaller devices like mobile phones, and a larger notebook computer. The Plug Computer has solid state storage inside much like Solid State Drives (SSDs) available in some notebook platforms. The "Plug" also has a desktop like processor capability with the Marvell ARM-based Sheeva System-on-Chip (SoC) called Kirkwood 6281. However, the hybrid hardware platform requires some special installation instructions to offer step-by-step configuration details to get your Plug Computer up and running as quickly as possible. After which, you will be able to install new software, features, and network capabilities that typically require a much larger and more expensive platform.

The Marvell site also has PDFs in place when you buy a Sheeva-based Plug Computer development platform. Those are very helpful to understand U-Boot and they offer a Ubuntu JFFS2 file system ready for the Plug Computer.

Comparing distributions available for the Plug Computer
Comparing the Operating System distributions available for the Plug Computer

Currently, one can chose from the eight distributions listed below including six Linux kernel based operating systems (Debian, Fedora-ARM, Gentoo, OpenWRT, Ubuntu, and ARMedSlack), the current (future 9.0) FreeBSD distribution and Plan 9 from Bell Labs.

All of the distributions keep the core of the wonderful kernel and software distributions associated with operating systems. We would like to thanks all the Marvell developers who contributed to the port of their Sheeva ARM SoCs, which is the basis for the distributions listed above. Thank you for contributing to the Open Source Software movement and combining it with your hardware technology.

Prepackaged Cloud Computers
Prepackaged cloud computers

A number of commercial, off the shelf cloud computers complete with commercial software are available. These devices are a friendly approach for users not wishing to build and install their own software .

  • CTERA CloudPlug, a device combining file sharing and NAS with secure online backup.
  • CloudEngines PogoPlug, a device that lets users access their files at home over the internet without leaving a PC on.
  • CodeLathe TonidoPlug is a tiny home server that allows people to access their applications, files, photos, music, and media from anywhere.
  • QuadAxis QuadPlug, a device integrated with BarracudaDrive which focuses on a user's local data (or private cloud) versus traditional, outsourced cloud computing.
Applications, Accessories and SHPG Hardware

Manuals and howtos of applications and accessories that can be used under the Plug Computer.

  • Accessories: Webcams, WiFi Dongles, DVB-T, Radio, USB GPIO, Printers, Audio dongles, ZWave and Zigbee etc. IPIO-module[1]
  • Applications: Digital media servers, SIP phone router, IPBX[2] , Java apps, .Net apps, Backup server, VPN, CRM and lot more...
  • Anonymity network routing: Tor.
  • Hardware: Discussion of plug hardware and modifications that can be made to the enclosure, PCBs , power supply and connectors.
  • Hardware Compatibility[3]: Information regarding hardware that community members have tested and found to be compatible with the SheevaPlug.
Plug Computer Frequently Asked Questions

If there are any problems with the Plug Computer and the distributions running on them, the Frequently Asked Questions page is a good place to start for finding solutions or more importantly, not trying something that is an outstanding problem.

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